Veritext is the largest legal document management company in the U.S. Every day, 650 depositions get uploaded by law firms from all 50 states into Veritext’s online database. Once there, they can be downloaded and shared by legal professionals and court officials who need to see them. Two years ago, Veritext chose a file sync and share solution to manage its vast database. Veritext VP of Software Development Jay Goldberg looked at some of the leading file sync and share solutions in the market, including market leader Box (NYSE:BOX), before choosing software from Storage Made Easy, a small private British company. “We were looking for someone who wanted to learn and understand our business,” Goldberg explains. “Box was too commercially oriented. Storage Made Easy became our partner.” He adds: “Security was paramount for us, and we knew that Storage Made Easy’s security model was robust.” Storage Made Easy is a four-year-old startup that does not follow Silicon Valley norms. Yet today it looks like one