File sharing and collaboration ought to be a big and lucrative market in the wake of the exponential growth of data and information sharing. Box and Dropbox have millions of users—and big losses. But Egnyte has chosen a different model, which seems to be delivering happy customers and impressive financial results. Egnyte’s enterprise file share and sync offering sits in the hybrid market which means that customers can choose where their files are stored – in the public cloud, on-premises or a combination of the two. Rajesh Ram, Co-Founder and Vice President of Product Management told The Daily Cloud, “Companies want to be able to allow their employees access to highly sensitive information via mobile devices while on the road. Our software resides in an appliance behind the firewall. This way, access to those files can be controlled while less sensitive files can go in the cloud.” A software component in the premises speeds things up and keeps things running should the cloud portion fail. Egnyte’s platform