Verizon (VZ) has moved a major portion of its managed services network to open source infrastructure, demonstrating the viability of so-called white box open source networking for enterprises as well as service providers like Verizon. That’s according to Verizon’s Director of Network Infrastructure Planning, Chris Emmons (above). The rise of white box networking has been much discussed for the last five years, using software-defined networking (SDN), as an important shift in networking architecture threatening the dominant position and high profit margins of established networking vendors led by Cisco Systems (CSCO).  That big shift has been slow to arrive, but Verizon’s deployment could indicate the shift is underway. According to Emmons, the Verizon deployment shows a disaggregated white box architecture is viable, and delivers significant benefits. Benefits he cited include simpler operational management of the network, greater scalability, an avoidance of bandwidth bottlenecks—and more choices of vendors. “